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Sumaryczny impact factor: 115.887

Liczba publikacji: 37

1. Bil Andrzej, Kochman Michał Andrzej, Mierzwicki Krzysztof
Photoinduced double proton transfer in the glyoxal-methanol complex along T1 reaction path – a quantum chemical topological study.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 2021, 1227, 129426/1-129426/9
IF: 2.463
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2. Gregoliński Janusz, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Bil Andrzej, Lisowski Jerzy
A new synthetic strategy leading to homochiral macrocycles derived from 2,6-diformylpyridine and (1S,2S)-trans-1,2-diaminocyclopentane.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2020, 35, 5714-5728
IF: 2.889
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3. Bil Andrzej, Kochman Michał Andrzej
Photoinduced double proton transfer in the glyoxal–methanol complex revisited: the role of the excited states.
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2020, 16, 3273-3286
IF: 5.011
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4. Bil Andrzej, Mierzwicki Krzysztof
The mechanism of the ozonolysis on the surface of C70 fullerene : the electron localizability indicator study.
Journal of Molecular Modeling, 2020, 26, 73/1-73/12
IF: 1.346
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5. Bil Andrzej, Gregoliński Janusz, Biczysko Małgorzata
Internal hydrogen bond influences the formation of [2+2] Schiff base macrocycle: open-chain vs. hemiaminal and macrocycle forms.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019, 12, 2243-2252
IF: 2.889
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6. Frydrych Rafał, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Bil Andrzej, Gregoliński Janusz
Mixed macrocycles derived from 2,6-diformylpyridine and opposite enantiomers of trans-1,2-diaminocyclopentane and trans-1,2-diaminocyclohexane.
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019, 84, 5695-5711
IF: 4.335
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7. Pagacz-Kostrzewa Magdalena, Sałdyka Magdalena, Bil Andrzej, Gul Wioletta, Wierzejewska Maria, Khomenko Dmytro M., Doroschuk Roman O.
Phototransformations of 2-(1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)benzoic acid in low temperature matrices.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2019, 123, 841-850
IF: 2.6
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8. Bil Andrzej
The mechanism of ozonolysis on the surface of C70 fullerene. The free energy surface theoretical study.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 2019, 1185, 361-368
IF: 2.463
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9. Wojciechowska Martyna, Gągor Anna, Piecha-Bisiorek Anna, Jakubas Ryszard, Ciżman Agnieszka, Zaręba Jan K., Nyk Marcin, Zieliński Piotr, Medycki Wojciech, Bil Andrzej
Ferroelectricity and ferroelasticity in organic inorganic hybrid (Pyrrolidinium)3[Sb2Cl9].
Chemistry of Materials, 2018, 30, 4597-4608
IF: 10.159
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10. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław, Biczysko Małgorzata S.
Hydrogen detachment driven by a repulsive 1πσ* state - an electron localization function study of 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018, 20, 5210-5216
IF: 3.567
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11. Kochman Michał Andrzej, Bil Andrzej, Miller R. J. Dwayne
Mechanism underlying the nucleobase-distinguishing ability of benzopyridopyrimidine (BPP).
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2017, 121, 8267-8279
IF: 2.836
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12. Pagacz-Kostrzewa Magdalena, Bil Andrzej, Wierzejewska Maria
UV-induced proton transfer in 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A-Chemistry, 2017, 335, 124-129
IF: 2.891
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13. Wojtaś Maciej, Bil Andrzej, Gągor Anna, Medycki Wojciech, Kholkin Andrei L.
Phase stability and dynamics of hybrid organic-inorganic crystals [(CH3)3PH][SbCl4] and [(CH3)3PH][SbBr4]: a computational and NMR approach.
CrystEngComm, 2016, 18, 2413-2424
IF: 3.474
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14. Bil Andrzej, Grzechnik Katarzyna, Sałdyka Magdalena, Mielke Zofia
The OH-initiated oxidation of CS2 in the presence of NO : FTIR matrix-isolation and theoretical studies.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2016, 120, 6753-6760
IF: 2.847
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15. Pszona Maria, Haupa Karolina, Bil Andrzej, Mierzwicki Krzysztof, Szewczuk Zbigniew, Mielke Zofia
Clustering of sulfamic acid : ESI MS and theoretical study.
Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2015, 50, 127-135
IF: 2.541
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16. Haupa Karolina, Bil Andrzej, Mielke Zofia
Donor-acceptor complexes between ammonia and sulfur trioxide : an FTIR and computational study.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015, 119, 10724-10734
IF: 2.883
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17. Haupa Karolina, Bil Andrzej, Barnes Austin J., Mielke Zofia
Isomers of the acetic acid - water complex trapped in an argon matrix.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015, 119, 2522-2531
IF: 2.883
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18. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław, Morrison Carole A.
Density functional theory based molecular dynamics simulations of C70O3 doped with light molecules.
Chemical Physics, 2014, 428, 121-126
IF: 1.652
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19. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław, Hutter Jürg, Morrison Carole A.
Describing the chemical bonding in C70 and C70O3 - a quantum chemical topology study.
Chemical Physics, 2014, 433, 22-30
IF: 1.652
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20. Bil Andrzej, Hutter Jürg, Morrison Carole A.
Electron transfer modifies chemical properties of C70 fullerene surface: an ab initio molecular dynamics study of C70O3 molozonides doped with light atoms.
Chemical Physics Letters, 2014, 605-606, 93-97
IF: 1.897
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21. Wann Derek A., Bil Andrzej, Lane Paul D., Robertson Heather E., Rankin David W. H., Block Eric
Gas-phase structures of dithietane derivatives, including an electron diffraction study of 1,3-dithietane 1,1,3,3-tetraoxide.
Structural Chemistry, 2013, 24, 827-835
IF: 1.9
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22. Kochman Michał Andrzej, Bil Andrzej, Morrison Carole A.
Hybrid QM/QM simulations of photochemical reactions in the molecular crystal N-salicylidene-2-chloroaniline.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013, 15, 10803-10816
IF: 4.198
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23. Bil Andrzej, Grzechnik Katarzyna, Mierzwicki Krzysztof, Mielke Zofia
OH-induced oxidative cleavage of dimethyl disulfide in the presence of NO.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2013, 117, 8263-8273
IF: 2.775
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24. Knapp C. E., Wann Derek A., Bil Andrzej, Schirlin J. T., Robertson Heather E., McMillan P. F., Rankin David W. H., Carmalt C. J.
Dimethylalkoxygallanes: monomeric versus dimeric gas-phase structures.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 51, 3324-3331
IF: 4.593
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25. Bil Andrzej, Morrison Carole A.
Modifying the fullerene surface using endohedral noble gas atoms: density functional theory based molecular dynamics study of C70O3.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2012, 116, 3413-3419
IF: 2.771
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26. Wojtaś Maciej, Bil Andrzej, Jakubas Ryszard, Gągor Anna, Pietraszko Adam, Czupiński Olaf, Tylczyński Z., Isakov Dmitry
Organic-inorganic compounds with strong nonlinear optical properties based on 2,4,6-trimethylpyridinium and tetrahedral BF4- networks.
Physical Review B, 2011, 83, 1-13
IF: 3.691
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27. Bil Andrzej, Kolb B., Atkinson R., Pettifor D. G., Thonhauser T., Kolmogorov A. N.
Van der Waals interactions in the ground state of Mg(BH4)2 from density functional theory.
Physical Review B, 2011, 83, 1-7
IF: 3.691
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28. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław, Morrison Carole A.
C70 oxides and ozonides and the mechanism of ozonolysis on the fullerene surface. A theoretical study.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2009, 113, 9891-9898
IF: 2.899
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29. Golec Barbara, Bil Andrzej, Mielke Zofia
Photochemistry of formaldoxime–nitrous acid complexes in an argon matrix: identification of formaldoxime nitrite.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2009, 113, 9434-9441
IF: 2.899
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30. Mielke Zofia, Mucha Małgorzata, Bil Andrzej, Golec Barbara, Coussan Stéphane, Roubin P.
Photo-induced hydrogen exchange reaction between methanol and glyoxal: formation of hydroxyketene.
ChemPhysChem, 2008, 9, 1774-1780
IF: 3.636

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31. Berski Sławomir, Mierzwicki Krzysztof, Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław
The protocovalent N—O bond: quantum chemical topology (QCT of ELF and ELI-D) study on the bonding in the nitrous acid H—O—N=O and its relevancy to the experiment.
Chemical Physics Letters, 2008, 460, 559-562
IF: 2.169
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32. Bil Andrzej, Berski Sławomir, Latajka Zdzisław
On three-electron bonds and hydrogen bonds in the open-shell complexes. [H2X2]+ for X= F, Cl and Br.
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 2007, 47, 1021-1030
IF: 2.986

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33. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław
The hydroperoxy radical as a hydrogen bond acceptor. HOO–HCl complexes—ab initio study.
Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2006, 27, 287-295
IF: 4.893

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34. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław
Hydroperoxy radical as hydrogen bond donor : NH3-HOO complex - ab initio and topological study.
Chemical Physics Letters, 2005, 406, 366-370
IF: 2.438

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35. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław
Examination of the hydroperoxy radical and its closed-shell "analogues" - the protonation sites: topological predictions and ab initio study of the protonated forms.
Chemical Physics, 2004, 305, 243-252
IF: 2.316

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36. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław
The examination of the hydroperoxy radical and its closed-shell "analogues" by means of topological methods of quantum chemistry: AIM and ELF.
Chemical Physics, 2004, 303, 43-53
IF: 2.316

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37. Bil Andrzej, Latajka Zdzisław
The hydroperoxy radical and its closed-shell,analoques,: ab initio investigations.
Chemical Physics Letters, 2004, 388, 158-163
IF: 2.438

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