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Bachelor's degree Studies

The 3 years program finished with Bachelor degree includes all subjects of modern chemistry. Well prepared courses allow to gain a good fundamental knowledge of chemistry, practice in synthesis and application of physicochemical methods for structural and analytical studies. Well equipped laboratories allow students to acquire skills in different ares of chemistry by the individual training.

Program includes inorganic, organic, analytical, physical and theoretical chemistry courses, containing lectures, seminars and laboratory training in small groups. The curriculum includes not only chemistry but also subjects of related sciences, such as physical and physico-chemical instrumental methods.

» Bachelors program: 2018/2019
» Bachelors program: 2019/2020

Master's degree Studies

The Master of Science program (2 years) is offered in the curriculum: Advanced Synthesis in Chemistry. The studies are closely related to the research at the Faculty - we believe that the best teaching is linked to research and we ensure that our programs are dynamic and up to date. Students are offered state of the art courses of advanced synthetic techniques and instrumental methods used in structural studies as well as variety of classes presenting correlation between structure of chemical compounds, both organic and inorganic, and their reactivity. Both curricula were elaborated by leading scientists, specialist in their area. Students can join each of the research groups at the Faculty and take part in scientific research. It is expected that Master thesis should contain a new scientific results which can be published in international journals.

» Masters program: 2019/2020

An important advantage of studying at the Faculty of Chemistry Wrocław University is free access for students to modern instruments (NMR, EPR, X-ray, MS, TEM, SEM) located in 15 Faculty's laboratories. Moreover, direct every-day contact with professors guarantees high level and efficient studies . Apart from core subjects students can additionally choose facultative courses according to their interest.

Having completed our studies graduates will be able to work in laboratories on modern equipment, and in companies that use modern technologies, as well as research institutions and diagnostic laboratories. Graduates can also work in various industries, in particular in the area of new environmentally friendly technologies and at universities.

The detailed admission how to path can be found at the website of University of Wroclaw:

Studies in English at the Faculty of Chemistry are coordinated by Dean of Faculty of Chemistry (Prof. Anna Trzeciak)
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    Listopad 2019

    Seminarium wydziałowe wykład prof. Paweł Perkowski

    referat na temat: "Spektroskopia dielektryczna ciekłych kryształów"wygłosi prof. Paweł Perkowski (WAT)

    sala IIEF
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    Listopad 2019

    Seminarium wydziałowe prof Hidehiro Sakurai

    wykład "Recent Progress in Sumanene Chemistry" wygłosi prof. Hidehiro Sakurai (Department of Applied Chemistry, Osaka University). Abstract Lecture_Hidehiro Sakurai

    sala 145
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    Listopad 2019

    Seminarium wydziałowe dr Piotr F. J. Lipiński

    referat na temat: "Fentanyl i pochodne - badania obliczneiowe i eksperymentalne"wygłosi dr Piotr F. J. Lipiński  ( Zakład Neuropeptydów , Instytut Medycyny Doświadczalnej i Klinicznej PAN w Warszawie)  

    sala 145
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    Listopad 2019

    Rada Wydziału 5.11.2019 (porządek obrad)

    ZAPROSZENIE Uprzejmie zapraszam na 7. posiedzenie Rady Wydziału, które odbędzie się dnia 5 listopada 2019 r.  o  godz. 10.15  w sali 145. I. Wystąpienie dr Elżbiety Kocowskiej-Siekierki dyrektor Centrum Transferu Technologii ...

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    Listopad 2019


    ZAPROSZENIEUprzejmie zapraszam na 3. posiedzenie Rady Dyscypliny Naukowej, które odbędzie się w sali 145, dnia 5 listopada 2019 r. bezpośrednio po posiedzeniu Rady Wydziału.   Porządek dzienny: 1. Sprawy osobowe a) Nadanie stopnia doktora ...

    sala 145